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IHC maintains process capability and certification requirements to numerous industry and manufacturer specifications, some of which are listed below. Contact us to discuss your specification requirements.

MIL-A-8625 Type IIsulfuric anodizing
MIL-A-8625 Type IIBthin film sulfuric anodizing
MIL-A-8625 Type IIIhardcoat
MIL-A-63576 Type ITeflon impregnated hardcoat (AnoLube)
MIL-STD-171 Finish 7.2.1sulfuric anodize, non-dyed
MIL-STD-171 Finish 7.2.2sulfuric anodize, dyed
MIL-STD-171 Finish 7.3.1chemical film Class 1A
MIL-STD-171 Finish 7.3.3chemical film Class 3
MIL-STD-171 Finish 7.5.1hardcoat, no dye
MIL-STD-171 Finish 7.5.2hardcoat, dye
MIL-DTL-5541 Type Ichemical film, hexavalent
MIL-DTL-5541 Type IIchemical film, trivalent
AMS 2468hardcoat
AMS 2469hardcoat
AMS 2471sulfuric anodize, non-dyed
AMS 2472sulfuric anodize, dyed
AMS 2473chemical film
AMS 2482Teflon impregnated hardcoat (AnoLube)
ASTM B 580sulfuric anodize, hardcoat
PN 14.06-01 Type IIsulfuric anodize (Hamilton Sundstrand)
PN 14.07Teflon impregnated hardcoat (Hamilton Sundstrand)
PS 4569hardcoat (Chrysler)
PS 6426sulfuric anodize (Chrysler)
TS 2-23-024 thru 028hardcoat (TRW Automotive)
VS-1-3-1-62hardcoat (Vickers)
VS-1-3-1-1sulfuric anodize (Vickers)
CPW 755thin film sulfuric (Pratt & Whitney)
BPS 4021Teflon impregnated hardcoat (Parker)