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IHC is a full service aluminum coating facility located in Detroit, Michigan and serving a variety of manufacturing industries throughout the United States.

About IHC


Multiple processing lines in a 104,000 sq. ft. facility enable us to handle jobs of all sizes. Whether it is a one piece prototype, a high volume automotive program, or a demanding aerospace job, we have the expertise and the facilities to support you.

Systems and Reliability

IHC invests heavily in redundancy and backup of critical systems to ensure maximum productivity and uptime. Multiple process lines, redundant boilers and chillers, and backup de-ionized water systems are just some of the ways IHC makes sure we will be there when you need us.

Innovation and Custom Solutions

IHC believes the best way to do a job right is to do it yourself. With in-house designed and developed MRP software, automation systems, tooling and fixtures, and processing lines we are equipped to provide the most innovative, capable, and efficient solution to your finishing needs.


Pickup and delivery services, assembly operations, final packaging; these are just some of the services that IHC would be glad to discuss with you and consider providing for your program.


With the advent of the commercial hardcoating process, IHC Inc. started out in a small UPS bay in Detroit in 1962 to provide hardcoat and anodize services to the aerospace industry. As capability grew so did the business. Moving into additional markets such as military, automotive, and cookware led to two more relocations and expansions. Today IHC operates one of the largest job shop anodizing plants in the country.